Can a Dentist Fix a Permanent Retainer?

Learn how dentists can fix broken permanent retainers and why it's important for maintaining orthodontic results.

Can a Dentist Fix a Permanent Retainer?

They can adjust or fix the retainer or make a new one if necessary. You will usually have checkups 1, 3, 6, 11, and 24 months after your braces are removed. You should see your orthodontist as soon as possible if the retainer loses or cracks or breaks. The type of permanent retainer and the part that is broken will determine how your orthodontist can repair it.

It's not recommended to try and fix a broken retainer yourself. Both fixed and removable retainers are custom-made to keep teeth in place. Removing, repairing and replacing retainers costs as much as installing them initially. It's best to treat your retainers like insurance for the investment you made in your orthodontic treatment.

Taking Care of Your Permanent Retainers Can Save You Money in the Long Run.Permanent retainers attach to teeth with dental cement. The fixed retainer often allows calculus to accumulate in the areas where the retainer is located. A combination of plaque buildup and bacteria can harden and cause damage to teeth and gums.A permanent retainer is not actually a dental appliance that you will keep forever. The “permanent” label generally means that it cannot be removed without the help of an orthodontist or dental professional.

Although the name may suggest otherwise, a permanent retainer can be removed. The dentist or orthodontist will remove the bonding cement with a dental drill, separate the retainer, and then clean and polish the teeth.If you don't have the option of going to the orthodontist who made your braces or Invisalign, you should be able to call almost any orthodontist to have your broken permanent retainer fixed. The main benefit of permanent retainers is that they are a very effective way to ensure that the teeth stay in their correct position once the braces are removed.Clinical content presented by Byte is reviewed and verified by a licensed dentist or orthodontist to ensure clinical accuracy. Always seek advice from your dentist or other qualified healthcare provider if you have any questions about a medical condition or treatment.This is the most time-consuming solution and may even require several visits if the permanent retainer has to be performed by an external laboratory.

Even if you're out of town when your permanent retainer breaks, you should be able to wait a couple of days to go for a repair. Because your teeth will naturally move on their own if not held in place, your orthodontist or dentist may recommend a permanent retainer after your braces have been removed. Trying to remove a permanent retainer yourself could result in serious injury and damage to your teeth. This is usually effective until you can visit your orthodontist to have your broken permanent retainer fixed.

Permanent retainers prevent your teeth from returning to the previous position and you don't have to remember to put them back in your mouth. If your dentist is concerned about your other teeth moving, a permanent retainer may not be enough to maintain orthodontic results on its own. To remove a permanent retainer, the orthodontist will first need to remove the adhesive cement with a specialized tool, usually a dental drill. Wear and tear, hard food, or an injury to the mouth can cause teeth to detach from a permanent retainer or cause wires to break.

There is a situation where you will want your broken permanent retainers fixed as soon as possible, if your teeth started with large gaps (especially in the front teeth). If you have a removable retainer and notice a broken permanent retainer, be sure to use your removable retainer at least every night until you can get in and have the broken permanent retainer repaired.

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